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Hillbilly and Punk Art at L’Keg

It Came From Left Field is a traveling three-man show of outsider art (if you can call it that in the face of, ahem, three MFAs) with strong Mississippi connections. I’ve seen the exhibit once before at the softly-lit, polished-wood Hub-Bub in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Maybe that’s why, when Ming Donkey and I finally exited the Hollywood Freeway close to sun-up Thursday morning, after driving over thirty hours with a U-Haul in tow, I felt okay about sleeping in the gallery. Maybe that’s why I was surprised when we stepped from a sidewalk (where the iron-reinforced doors say more about the neighborhood than the connotations of its newly trendy name) onto a dirty tile floor awash in fluorescent bulbs. But it was 4am, and curator Walt Gorecki was waiting in nerdy-hip business attire with a big grin and big glasses, despite the fact that he had a 9am clock-in at his paying gig, the Getty.

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