Once introduced as a hippie journalist who believes a dance party can solve any problem. Reporting from Pakistan, Mississippi, Arkansas and Standing Rock. Mostly at VICE. Feminist. Travel notes & photography from Iceland, Mexico, Italy & around. Sometimes talking about music & stuff that would interest Gen-X -cusp- millennials.

Rise Up Howling Werewolf, the Bonboms, Hippy Riot and Ghosthand

Rise Up Howling Werewolf is straight-up electro-pop garage-rock from Muscle Shoals, Ala. Except, that is, when Rise Up Howling Werewolf is riff-driven, supernatural punk-blues; or retro psychedelic drone; or spooky, vernacular hill music. Frontman Jamie Barrier, also of the Pine Hill Haints and The Wednesdays, launches double-entendres involving hot chocolate and butter knives against classic--and classically mangled--licks and beats. Throw in the occasional howl, and there it is: party rock for shape shifters.

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