Trump's Defense Secretary Could Be Military Industry Sweetheart Tom Cotton

Arkansas senator Tom Cotton may be Trump's new Defense Secretary. This is the Tea Party superstar and war hawk who tried to destroy Obama's Iran deal, has made misogynistic and homophobic comments dating back to his Harvard days, is in favor of the Muslim registry, hopes to fill Guantanamo, and wants to line the Pacific coast with pre-emptive missiles, to fend off North Korea. 



Remember the senator who, in March 2015, tried to sabotage President Barack Obama's nuclear negotiations with Iran by writing an open letter to that country's leaders, warning that any deal would be dismantled because the president only stays for eight years but senators can be lifers?

What about the senator who, when his constituents fought a law legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ people, urged them to "have a sense of perspective" because "in Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay"?

Or, more recently, the pro-Brexit senator who took to Twitter to defend Donald Trump's proposed Muslim registry as a "visa-tracking system, nothing based on religion?" (It's not that he doesn't want to help Syrian refugees. He just doesn't want to help Sunni Muslim Syrian refugees.)

These are all bullet points on the same résumé. Arkansas's Tom Cotton, a 39-year-old Harvard graduate and two-time combat veteran, is apparently on the list of candidates to become Trump's secretary of defense.

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