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“Tell him what we said about Paint it Black”

Thanks for the tapes, and for the tapes of all the bands you influenced. You did well, Alex Chilton... From

"Without Chilton no Jayhawks/REM/Mats/Huskers/db's/Rain Parade/Game Theory/Posies/Teenage Fanclub," wrote Twin Cities musician and producer Ed Ackerson. "The mind reels... Not to mention no Cramps, Panther Burns, Let's Active. Chilton showed us how to write pop songs with teeth and anguish. Blurred beauty. Mangled melodicism. Proved guitar pop wasn't for pussies."

From Chicago Tribune obit:

"Among the many bands that have proudly cited Big Star as an influence and put their own interpretations on its sounds are Chicago's Wilco and Material Issue, the dB's, Teenage Fanclub, the Posies (whose Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow fleshed out the reunited version of the band that has performed over the last decade), Game Theory, Matthew Sweet, Velvet Crush, the Bangles (who scored a hit with a cover of "September Gurls"), Ryan Adams, Cheap Trick (which covered "In the Street" as the theme song for the sitcom "That '70s Show") and of course the Replacements, who went so far as to write a song called "Alex Chilton."

And for the best tribute ever...