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Party Dots, Ghosthand, Useless Eaters: a play by play

So Saturday I rode down to Jackson with Ghosthand, some garage-rockabilly guys out of Columbus, Mississippi...although really, they should be called Black Black Evil Eye (maybe Ming Donkey is working on this?) We were riding in Bryan's van--no seatbelts, no AC, just  good conversation, gorgeous skies and a gnarly storm (did I mention, no windshield wipers?)... Although Ming Donkey wouldn't know, since he slept through the storm.

Then at Hal & Mal's, Ghosthand and the Dots had to deal with the problem of standing puddles on the same patio where they needed to run wires. Ming Donkey disappeared to make a set list, and I rocked out to the latest incarnation of the Party Dots--the wife and husband duo (Daphne and Marsh Nabors...unless they're brother and sister, hmn...) of  the Goner Records punk trio the Overnight Lows. "We tried not to let Marsh drink too much before leaving the house," Chrissy, Daphne's bandmate in the girl-garage outfit Wild Emotions, whispered to me as we bounced in tandem.  The Dots got through most of a set before Marsh started dropping notes and Daphne started sighing into the mic--"Are we gonna actually play this one, Marsh?" All I could think, was Our Band Could Be Your Life. And it is. YOUR life, Bryan Leslie.

Marsh briefly became the fourth member of Ghosthand. He does this a lot, particularly when he's friendly-drinkin' and real comfortable with the band. I think most bands find this endearing. "I feel depressed, I feel so baaad...coz you're the best girl that I ever had...I can't get your love, I can't get a fraction...poor little girl, psychotic reaction!"


Chrissy and Ruby Carol, the brunettes of Wild Emotions, took in the show did Ivan, the super-smiley (no really, he is) drummer of Useless did Daphne and Mary Elizabeth, the blondes of Wild did Matthew...oh wait, no, Matthew spent most of the night at the front bar, because Hal & Mal's didn't open the patio bar (why, Hal & Mals?)...

img_0192.jpg did all of these other pensive people...except for Marsh, who knows that shows are for dancing, not thinking...Ghosthand is Wes on bass, Bryan on drums and Ming Donkey on funny...and funnier.Ghosthand got Marsh pretty e-x-c-i-t-e-d...And  then Wes got  excited about Marsh getting excited...and about his imitation Flying V that some guy traded Bryan for a few pizzas and some beer,  when Bryan was doing his thing at The Princess.Then Marsh got REALLY excited about how funny Ming Donkey looked...

...and about that time, Daphne gently guided Marsh away from Ming Donkey's busy boots.The Useless Eaters took the (nonexistant) stage. They're an international sensation (they're from Memphis and Canada...AND, heads up New York, they'll be at Secret Project Robot on June 23) and another Goner band. (I think maybe they toured some with Jay Reatard?)


Ironically, they appear to eat very little...but musically, they're tight, though there's not much in the way of stage antics. Even so, the Useless Eaters really had people riled up! Apparently they tickle Ming Donkey's funny bone...And that guitar fuzz, punchy-drums and shoe-gazing vocals (this could've just been a set-up thing?) gave Marsh the urge to wave 'em like he just don't care... While Daphne started tossing spontaneous gang symbols...


And much to Ruby's dismay, Marsh planted a punk rock fist in Ming's chest. Finally Marsh settled down with his...sister???But not before trying to get Ruby Carol's opinion on his Riverdance skills...btw, she thinks they're A-OK...Meanwhile, Ming nursed his bloody nose...after the punk rock fist became an all-out sucker-punch...And everyone else shook their tushes...Except Ruby Carol, who had to keep herself looking fresh and dewy as always (she IS a model, after all...)

And Marsh, who made it known that he was ready for bed...And that's how it all went down...I...promise? THE END.