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Woman's semi-pro football


Several weeks ago, I attended an Arkansas Banshees game. The Banshees are one of Little Rock's two semi-pro women's football teams. I found these women so intriguing.  Some of them were the only girls on their high school football teams. Some of them were recruited out of Wal-Mart parking lots, having never even watched a full game. Two of them are professional male impersonators. One woman was living in her car when she joined up. She kept her homelessness a secret till she saved enough money from her fast food job to make a down payment on an apartment. One woman joined so she could write about the experience for a college paper, and then liked it so much, she ended staying on. (That women is amazing -- she's a full time student, works, teaches Sunday School and takes care of her three kids, one of whom is special needs. And she's the most talented linebacker on the team.) The story is here, and Brian got some amazing shots here.