Once introduced as a hippie journalist who believes a dance party can solve any problem. Reporting from Pakistan, Mississippi, Arkansas and Standing Rock. Mostly at VICE. Feminist. Travel notes & photography from Iceland, Mexico, Italy & around. Sometimes talking about music & stuff that would interest Gen-X -cusp- millennials.

Lord God Bird

Repurposed from an essay written by Issac Anderson, a friend of a friend, in Image.


Keep moving. whisper, chant sing. if the word is Hallelujah, say Hallelujah; if fear, say

You are an amateur. Obey the words on the page, no need to improvise

Once a boy killed a giant with a stone and when he grew up he became poet-king and he was famous like Elvis, and people said, david, he knows God, but if he knew

anything, he knew to be honest.