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Wakarusa 2014

Wayne Coyne seems a bit of a tool, but maybe narcissism is a pre-requisite for spectacle-creation?

Air Dubai, this Colorado hip-hop fusion band, was fantastic.

Alexander Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros were kinda lame, but at least there was crowd participation. 

Toby (from Dr. Dog) sat on a random guy. Then a random girl sat on Toby. He looked bewildered. Wonder if his wife's the jealous type?

I don't know this guy. I just liked the way the picture turned out - the mood and the aperture and such.

Reignwolf. Best. Set. Ever.

Yep, there was a ferris wheel. And Arkansas's take on north (midwestern) lights.

There were breasts and lots of butt cheeks. 

Alex Ebert changed this guy's life. Apparently.

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