Once introduced as a hippie journalist who believes a dance party can solve any problem. Reporting from Pakistan, Mississippi, Arkansas and Standing Rock. Mostly at VICE. Feminist. Travel notes & photography from Iceland, Mexico, Italy & around. Sometimes talking about music & stuff that would interest Gen-X -cusp- millennials.

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Concord Ramblings: Author's Ridge and Thoreau's fantasy

My first summer in Boston, I swam in Walden Pond at least a few times a week. Off work at 3, Ced and I would hop into his beater and go, blasting Tom Petty and shouting the lyrics out the window.

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Beantown Ramblings: Forest Hills Cemetery

Forest Hills is literally the backyard of my last Boston (JP) home. I used to run here, and I'd get lost almost every time. There are solstice celebrations, and one night every year, there's a ghost festival. We paint Japanese lanterns and float them on the pond, to mark the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, when the realms between the living and the Other are permeable, and the living might atone for the suffering of our ancestors. 

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