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Iceland's Hverfjall, mini-craters, folk art, Akureyi and another fabulous pool

We had complementary tea and cookies before exploring several airy rooms of life-sized sculptures (by artist Ragnar Bjarnason), cross-stitches, garish paintings and a collection of graphite carvings so tiny you need a magnifying glass (including the world's smallest toilet, complements of Jaroslaw Lenski).

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Myvatn, Iceland: Grjotagja, Dettifoss and Godafoss

It's an easy walk through desert scrub, with a fantastic view of Sellandafjall Mountain in the distance. At one point, there's a barbed wire fence with a rickety ladder to help you over. Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love these Icelandic walks through wide, open spaces?

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Myvatn, Iceland: Viti and Krafla Lava Fields

In this area, there are the Leirhnjukur Lava Fields (sometimes just called the Krafla Lava Fields). This part of our expedition quickly became reminiscent of that long, late-night walk to the crashed plane. We saw a sign and parked, but nowhere did the sign tell us we were about to walk roughly 8km.

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Myvatn, Iceland: Hverir Steam Vents

Welcome to the earth at it's most primal (so much so, that it doesn't feel like Earth at all but rather, other-worldly). We are greeted with a strong, sulfurous scent. Paths wind across cracked ground, through dozens of burping, bubbling, blue clay pits (sometimes shooting up like mini-geyers) and small piles of hissing clay emitting big puffs of stinky steam. 

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